The information collected within any of the websites or technologies within this domain ( will not be used for any other purpose than for the website itself. None of this information will be published unless stated otherwise.

Information collected for the purposes of gathering feedback such as the information in Contact, Incident or Error Reporting Forms will not be published in any area on any website within this domain. Such information is transmitted to the website owner or webmaster directly and will only be used to resolve the feedback. Contact information received through these means will be destroyed upon the resolution of the feedback.

Information collected through any means other than Contact Forms may be published in unsecured areas at the sole discretion of the website owner or the webmaster, such entries may be exposed to the Internet Community. In these circumstances, the website will inform you that information entered will be displayed on the website. We have ensured that you do not have to enter any sensitive information into any of these websites when the information will be displayed to the Internet Community. However, we cannot prevent you from entering your personal information if you choose to do so. If you do enter personal information that will be displayed in any area of any website in this domain, Scape Technologies is not responsible for any breach of your privacy.

If you require further information, believe that your privacy has been breached through this or any of the websites in this domain, or that this or any websites in this domain are in violation of the clauses above, please email the Webmaster(